Live Well

Live Well – I can be molded to take on any shape or form I desire


At Clay we are committed to helping you become aware of your mindbody connection. When you begin to see your outer environment as a reflection of your inner state of being, you become empowered to make desired changes; with this awareness you will live your best life possible.


We understand that to be well we must take care of both our physical health as well as our mental health. Although we tend to view the mind and the body as separate entities, we now know how closely the two are interconnected. One will always affect the other – our mind manifesting itself in our bodies on a continual basis.


Begin your journey towards complete wellness with Clay. We offer a variety of services to help you along on your journey. Speak with one of our front desk concierges to find out what type of Live Well program would best inspire and assist you in achieving your goals.