Frequently Asked Questions


If I am new to yoga can I participate in classes?

Yes! Anyone can do yoga! We have classes on the schedule that would be appropriate for someone who is just starting their yoga journey.  Our Yoga FreshTM classes would be a great place to start as they are specifically for fresh faces to yoga.  You could also try a Hatha class designed for all levels.


If I am new to cycling, can I make it through an entire class?

Yes! At Clay we have many fusion classes offering cycling for the first half of the class followed by class specific workouts.  For example: our Core Ride class focuses on core strengthening off the bike after completing a 30 minute spin. These workouts will have you burning up a sweat! And, following just a few classes you will be ready to take on a full hour on the bike.


Is there parking? And do I have to pay?

We have ample parking and it is absolutely free!


Do you have change rooms or lockers?

Yes! We have large change rooms complete with lockers (please bring your own lock) and shower facilities.


What if I forget something like my mat or towel?

Not to worry we have free towel service! Bath towels are $2 to rent.  And mats are available for rent at $2 or to purchase.


Do I have to pre-register for classes? And how can I do that?

We encourage everyone to sign up in advance for classes on-line through our schedule page. Once you have created a log in you can purchase single classes or packages in advance and not have to worry about bringing your wallet to class.