Cycling Evolved – I am Strong, I am Energized


Cycling is for everyone! You are always controlling the resistance and the intensity of your ride, allowing you to always keep up! Cycling is one of the lowest impact forms of cardio – not only are your knees and low back protected, but all the surrounding muscles are strengthened. You’ll strengthen your heart & lungs, tone & trim your muscles, and reduce stress & tension – all while having a great time!


At Clay we strive to provide the complete experience. We believe in the ‘art of the ride’. Participants will learn to cultivate both internal and external strength, as well as ease and clarity of mind.


All of our classes combine inspirational coaching, fantastic music and great instructors trained to deliver unique services to all levels of participants. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just beginning your journey towards physical wellness, we have a class just for you.


Our facility boasts a variety of classes designed to motivate your ride. Our one of a kind Fusion Series allows participants to experience whatever they may need in a given hour. Whether it is our most challenging Power Ride, our rejuvenating Yogi Ride or our Core Ride, we have a class tailored to your specific needs.


Come and experience Cycling evolved…





Class Descriptions

Sunrise Ride

Start your day off with an inspirational and challenging workout. Expect to leave with an abundance of energy and a smile on your face!


Power Ride

Hills and valleys, sprints and intervals, this class is designed for anyone looking to challenge themselves and have a great time doing it. Instructors add modifications for those newer to cycling and advanced options for those looking to take it to the next level. A guaranteed workout for all levels.


Soul Ride

A ride done to the soft glow of candlelights. Come to finish your day off in an invigorating and empowering way.



Fusion Classes

Our fusion classes are designed to give you the complete workout; If you’re looking for a total body workout try our ClayTrain& Ride or Sculpt & Ride, or for a complete mind/body workout, try our Yogi Ride.



ClayTrain & Ride

Spend thirty minutes on the bike strengthening your entire cardiovascular system and then thirty minutes off the bike training your anaerobic system – a 1hr workout guaranteed to challenge you and work every part of your body. This class is specifically designed for maximum calorie burning – suitable for all levels!


Sculpt & Ride

Thirty minutes on the bike burning up a calorie storm and thirty minutes off the bike using dumbbells to tone and strengthen the entire body. In Sculpt & Ride, our goal is to tone and strengthen our muscles so that we can increase the speed of our metabolisms – thereby burning more calories all the time!


Core Ride

Build up a sweat for the first half of the class on the bike, and then move to the floor to focus on the core of your body.  Our core, being the center of our body, is used in almost movement of our waking lives. Strengthen and tone the deep abdominal muscles and often neglected muscles of the lower back. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to hard tummies!


Yogi Ride

A truly liberating ride. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves on the bike for the first half of the class staying focused on the breath and mindful of the cycling experience. Then come off the bike for a thirty minute yoga class, where an emphasis is placed on poses that will comfort and sooth the cyclists’ body.



Spend time on the bike warming up and get ready to feel the burn! In 45 minutes this Tabata inspired high intensity interval training class is geared to push you to the limit. A great addition to one’s fitness routine.